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1. OMNI - combines instant messaging, file sharing, and web search clients into a single, cross-network program.

2. Project SCIM (Secure Cryptographic Instant Messaging) - encryption software for instant messaging applications.

3. SmarterChild - interactive agent built by ActiveBuddy. Delivers content and services to instant message windows

4. TiK - AOL IM client written in tcl, developed as an alternative to Java AIM for UNIX users.

5. My Solutions - developers of MyCQ, which allows people to simultaneously log on to multiple messaging products and communicate with them through a single interface.

6. Logitech IM Video Companion - adds video communication and conferencing functions to AIM and MSN Messenger.

7. Howstuffworks: How Instant Messaging Works - escribes what the major IM programs are, what makes them different from each other ,and what the future holds for IM.

8. Flickr.com - allows users to share photos and other media files in real time.

9. Americansingles.com - meet new people and chat with them.

10. Suggest Url

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