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What is an affiliate program?

An affiliates program is offered through a company, to sell their products or services. It is like a partnership, where you earn a set % or dollar amount from each sale that is made through your website. There are many different affiliate programs on the web that you can join for free. After you sign up for an affiliate program, you will usually be given a unique ID for you to use in your links from your website, so that you get credit for each sale that comes from you. The linking structure is given you to by the affiliate company, sometimes even graphic banners to put on your site.

How it works:

A user or customer clicks a text link or banner on your website, which has your unique ID within, and the customer is transferred to the companies website. Most affiliate programs also put your unique ID in a cookie, so that even if the customer doesn't buy than, your unique ID is stored in the cookie so that if the customer returns and purchases their product or service you will get credit for the sale. Some companies offer programs that have different rates of commission, sometimes you get paid-per-click or paid-per-sale. The most popular is pay-per-sale and usually offers the best return.

The key to getting a customer to click through one of your affiliate banners or links is to use relevant content. If you have a website for kids toys it would be best to have affiliate links to other companies that sell toys, educational resources, posters, movies, etc. Putting a link to an affiliate program to sell website hosting would not be related to the website content and would not generate many sales.

To get started on your money making website, browse through our listings of affiliate programs. Find related programs to your website and sign up and start making money while you sleep! It really is that easy, the key is designing a website that targets the audience you want to reach and optimizing the site for good search engine placement.

If you own a company or product/service you'd like to start an affiliate program for check out the affiliate software directory. You will find a number of affiliate software packages to choose from to get started today.

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